Attn: Anarchists


My seven-year-old is ready to be recruited. As you can see from the picture below he is already accustomed to idly making threats of violence, name calling and total oblivion to the basic tenets of social contract. He’s also young, doesn’t have a job and is a really picky eater who could easily be swayed to some manner of meat-free dietary lifestyle That’s right up your alley, no?


Plus, he’s going to be “bad butt forever”. So say we all.


Call for videos!

Bicephalic Records is putting out an open call for video submissions for a DVD noise/music video compilation. I am interested in modern digital & abstract video art, databending, etc. Audio genre is open, though I’m primarily interested in glitch electronics, electro-acoustic experiments, drone, harsh noise, etc. I will choose the videos I think are the best to be on the DVD so send your best material. If there are enough submissions I may end up expanding this into two volumes.
Here are some examples of my own work:



Submit video file (AVI or Mpeg2) via online download service, ftp, etc. to A[at]Bicephalic[dot]net or email me if you want to mail in a hard copy.

video styles = digital video art, abstract, databending etc.

audio = glitch, drone, noise, etc.

length: 5 minutes maximum

Deadline : 31 March 2012

spread the word!


I have to see if I can find any high quality versions of my old Controlled Dissonance videos…



I stumbled on this recently, and despite how corny the name is, the process is kinda cool. Were I so inclined to spend this much time at my computer these days, I might be tempted to do some datamoshing of my own.


Mama always said.


Kicking, kicking, kicking.
Down, down, down.


Fucking insomnia. Leave me be!

Just moved into a satellite office at work, wherein I am afforded a great deal of privacy to explore new music throughout the day. As such, I hope that the following will be the start of many shared aural experiences with you, my dearest readers. Enjoy.

Nasal Cavities Of Venus by mystifiedthomas

Until then, etc. etc.