Nipple Stools – Decision Points

Whew. Busy night. This hot off the press from the Bicephalic Records mailing list:

BC002 – Nipple Stools “Decision Points”
Nipple Stools is Carl Kruger and August Traeger. These two have been involved with various solo work, collaborations and side projects for a number of years. The music of Nipple Stools tends towards the ambient/glitch end of the noise spectrum with Decision Points falling well into the glitch side. These 14 tracks sputter and crackle their way through some beautifully rich sonic territory. These are abstract and dense compositions that reward deep listening.
More info & audio:

This is the first in a series of 3-inch CD releases

Upcoming releases:
BC003 – Controlled Dissonance : Terrains Vagues (Washington State “harsh drone / soft noise”)
BC004 – Khristian Weeks (North Carolina electro-acoustic soundscape artist)

A. Traeger
Bicephalic Records

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