A word; a whisper; a prayer on the wind

My dear city heard my plaintive caterwauling and rewarded my tantrum with two straight days of chilly, gray, drizzling glory. It has been as near divine as one may expect to find on this mortal coil.

DESTROY pictures!
The first picture is brand new, and another example of the really small, nearly hidden DESTROY tag. The next three are likely older and were discovered in an alley in the Pioneer Square neighborhood of Seattle. The tooth one I’ve seen before, but I don’t think I’ve captured the thermostat or that particular bloated baby. Next is a better representation of the DESTROY Lager graphic. And last, but not least, “From the people who brought you DESTROY: The all new, all different, possibly better 1941™! Order now, supplies are limited!”

I have some other graffiti to post, as well, but I think I want to eat, first.

Until then, etc. etc.

Author: john ingram

This iteration of John Ingram was created in response to increased demand in global John Ingramness. Previous incarnations were less suited to fulfill this need.

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