Oh bugger

I knew I was forgetting something. Settling down in the next stepping stone between the birthing bed and the grave. All the boxes that are to be unpacked have been, and most things have found new homes or niches into which they snugly fit*. I still need to sort out the work corner that will house my noise gear, keyboard and the work table that will *crosses fingers* see some non-aural projects come to fruition.

There have been some incredibly good sounds bouncing back and forth between Joseph and I, which I cannot imagine won’t end up on a new Nests of Disorder release. I really should try to shop this one around a bit and see if I can’t coerce some kind soul into a physical release.

The ex introduced me to something evil: http://www.teefury.com/

Super limited edition pop culture shirts for nerds, geeks and children of the 70s and 80s (and those who pretend to be). I was sold when I saw the Big Trouble in Little China shirt.

I feel like a grown-up. I bought a comforter for my bed. And curtains. Now all I need is an apron. Ah shit. Never mind…

This shiraz is terrible, but I suppose that is what I get for drinking on a school night.

* Read: Beat to fit; painted to match.

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