Let it whip

Since today is the first non-kid Saturday that I can remember in a very, very long time where I didn’t wake up with the sort of hangover that makes you pause to reconsider your life choices, I decided to make it the most productive non-kid Saturday I’ve had in a very, very long time. The first thing I did was sleep: a lot. Now this might not sound very productive, but it FELT awesome. After a quick breakfast of grits and fried eggs, I tackled the dishes piling up in the sink, then came upstairs to tackle the mess of tangled wires residing in that feared no man’s land where the common space of my work table, computer and music rig meet. Between the six wall outlets and two power strips in that immediate area, it had accumulated a veritable rats’ nest of jumbled wires that boggled the mind and complicated any endeavor set to take place in that particular region. This mission accomplished, I then moved over to the computer to transfer pictures from my phone and begin working through my list of songs I want to locate and download. After which, I am currently posting about said victorious achievements.

I plan on working on some new material today – either for Controlled Dissonance or Nests of Disorder. When I originally realized that I had no plans for the day and thought to spend the day noising, my goal was to dig deep and put myself in a bad place so that I could create something really dark. Of course, as fate would have it, I’m inexplicably in a really good mood today. So, I’m just going to set up some gear and run through a few live performances, and cull out the good stuff.

I’ve run across some interesting street art recently. One that keeps popping up around the city is this picture of a bloated and deformed fetus with a caption that contains the word “destroy” in some capacity. I managed to get these two pictures over the last few weeks:

Some other random pictures I just transferred over from the camera include this shot from Post Alley in Downtown Seattle. I took this picture while capturing a field recording that didn’t turn out so well. The other field recordings from that same venture were sent to Steve for inclusion in the Sounds Found library.

And, finally, this is a view of the portion of the Downtown skyline that I can see from my new office at work. I recently moved into one of our other buildings, to help expedite the project I’m on, and one of the big bonuses is this view from my desk.

Alright. Stick around for an update to the Instruments pages. It’s a cheap electroacoustic device I rigged up in an hour earlier this week.

Until then, etc. etc.

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