Apocalyptic Frequency Experience – Musings on Human Metamorphoses

It’s been some time that I’ve been meaning to pick up some new noise and write a noise review or two, so I decided that my first stop should be the Just Not Normal netlabel. The offerings there are voluminous, so I scrolled through until I found a few albums that sounded interesting. Here’re my thoughts on this one:

I’m not as active in the noise/experimental scenes as I used to be – either online or in real life. Fortunately for me, noise hasn’t changed much in the last few years. Musings on Human Metamorphoses is a quick jaunt down the path of minimal audio manipulation. There are touches of classic electroacoustic dabbed throughout this offering of largely clashing snippets of audio. The brevity of this album is both a saving grace and a shortcoming. On the one hand, with ten tracks averaging around two minutes apiece, it never settles down long enough for the repetition of a single track to wear thin. On the other hand, the short track life and nonexistent track cohesion literally obliterate any chance of an evolution of sound or aural narrative.

Overall it is a well-executed album in its style. My current tastes trend toward something with a little more depth and grandeur, so take this review with that grain of salt.


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