Achnn – Les Draps et la Plinthe

The second of the albums I nabbed from Just Not Normal is Les Draps et la Plinthe, by Achnn. It’s a jangling odyssey set in a milieu of mildly cacophonous clatterings and digitally-artifacted clicks. This album achieved a depth of texture with an excellent application of sound layering, incorporating a seemingly endless host of both natural and artificial sounds (users of AT&T’s Edge network will find themselves reaching for their phone on more than one occasion, only to realize it’s the track and not RF interference). That being said, the cacophony rarely gives up any depth of emotion, which gives the overall album a very clinical and cold feeling; with the exception being “Rateau”, which manages to invoke a depth of texture and emotion.

Better in small doses, though superbly executed.

Author: john ingram

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