D’Incise – Eloge de l’usage et de la lenteur

A dancing menagerie of synthesized metallic clanks and burrings, perilously balanced on the liminal edge of consciousness, Eloge de l’usage et de la lenteur becomes a nearly imperceptible soundscape. Though disappointingly brief, this release does well to envelop the listener in a subtle series of electronic sounds that defy melody, yet transcend cacophony, offering an inobtrusive aural experience. Though well produced, the release failed to inspire in me a sense of having truly experienced art. If you’re looking for something that will readily fade into the background, this should work; but if you’re looking for something a little more involved, you may want to skip over this one.


Author: john ingram

This iteration of John Ingram was created in response to increased demand in global John Ingramness. Previous incarnations were less suited to fulfill this need.

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