I’m playing my jokes upon you

While there’s nothing better to do.

It’s that time of the month again. No. The other that time of the month. The day after the seventh, which means that we have a slew of new releases from Just Not Normal – and if rumors are true, this will be the last new batch for quite some time.

In lieu of my standard reviewing process, I thought I would listen through a few of the releases today and post some quick thoughts. This is partly because I actually have things to do this week, and partly because I’m feeling too lazy to think of 37 different ways to creatively describe noise.

Krabatof – Sea of Trees – The opening track to this album is deceptively minimal, and by minimal I mean REALLY minimal, but don’t let this put you off from the rest of the album, which, while largely minimal, has moments of pure genius in the form of some of the creepiest sounds I’ve heard outside of haunted house sound effect collections.


Buben vs. Anton Mobin – On The Different Side of the Object – A collaborative effort between these artists resulted in two sets of tracks. This album represents the more “experimental” tracks. We end up with a collection of well-produced noise tracks, culling influence from all corners of the genre – some minimal, a touch of drone, cacophonous electroacoustic and synth noodlings, all occasionally punctuated with walls of harsh noise.


Altocumulus – Household Apocalypse – Of today’s batch, this album definitely has the best title. Comprised mostly of field recordings – some manipulated, others clean – accentuated with minimal synth accompaniment, this album is remarkably restrained. Where a lesser artist may have overindulged, Altocumulus pulls together a disparate array of found sounds in a tastefully textured manner that often flirts with cacophony, without ever committing to the chaos.


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