Good news, everybody!

Last night was the premiere of the first two episodes of the new Futurama run. While not largely laugh-out-out-loud funny, they were certainly far more entertaining than most of the garbage on Comedy Central – and did have a few guffaw inducing lines. I get this creeping fear that they’re going to make Bender as obnoxious as early 90s Bart Simpson, but that may just be due to the fact that Matt Groening had his hand in the story this time around. I’m looking forward to new episodes, and more thinly veiled homosexual jokes about Zapp Brannigan, with much gusto.

Working on the Mental Hygiene League compilation over the next few days. Didn’t get as much material as I had hoped, but still have a fair amount to document the existence of the collaborative. Which leads me to mentioning that Joseph and I have just started working on some new Nests of Disorder material.

Off to check on my ragout…