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I’ve had to make an unplanned move to a new host provider.  Part of the fun in that is recovering all the files that were hosted with my previous provider and restoring them to the proper place with the new provider.  As such, it may be several days before some images start showing up again.  And there may be some links to hosted files that stop working.


Caveat emptor.


Of Everything That Stands; The End

Finished this last year, but just now getting around to putting it on the internet.

Denouement. Swan song. This project is finished. Ten years in the making, this is the final gasp of an idea that has run its course. Revel in the culmination of a decade’s worth of experimentation, as it comes to fruition in this stuttering, semi-aborted lunge at the essence of all that is, was and ever will be Controlled Dissonance.

Free download: https://archive.org/details/img016




And details…

Seattle creative arts center
2601 NW Market St
Oct 4, 7 pm

Controlled Dissonance
Pulling out the Light
noisepoetnobody w/ Sisiutl

If you’re in the Seattle area, drop in for some screeching and droning. I’ve performed with most of these acts before, and can vouch that it will be an interesting show.


(Noise Made With) Air – Accepting Submissions

Air – one of the pillars of our natural world; a complex gaseous phenomenon that reshapes the land and wreaks natural havoc. A powerful force that makes possible all life on this planet.

(Noise Made With) Air pays its respects to the natural world by inviting your submissions of tracks created by use of air, in some manner. Anything from samples of wind to the use of compressed air to create sound: leaf blowers, hurricanes, fans or even the body’s unique methods for ridding waste gaseous byproduct.

For more information, use the Contact page.


Two.. No Three in one year?

There’s been some sniffing about in regards to a second third(?!) Controlled Dissonance performance this year. The details are a little nebulous at the moment, but sometime early October could see me dusting off the gear and inflicting noise on my fair city, once again.

I realized this morning that my Calendar page had become rather neglected, so I went in to update it with the last show I performed. That’s when I got the idea to add audio to the page, in addition to whatever other stuff was already there. I’m uploading some old live recordings now, but finding that I had fewer than I thought.

What I do have, though, will be up by the end of the day. Including my performance at the Get Bent Circuit Bending Music show and my final performance in Virginia, with the short-lived Peninsula Experimental Arts Society*.

Until then, etc. etc.

* Wayne, if you’re out there, you should bring this back. It was a fantastic idea.


Next project preview

Yeah. I’m still here.

Have an idea for the next compilation project, but don’t have the cover art, title or blurb yet. So, as a quick preview for those who may be interested in getting a head start on creating a submission, the following:

This one will be about air. Noise made with air. Your noise must be somehow air-powered, and I don’t mean in the traditional sense that all sound is air-powered (I see you out there, science nerd). You can use samples of wind, or actually make noise with air itself (performance with vacuum cleaners, or leaf blowers, for example); so long as the submitted track is comprised of some manner of air abused for the sake of noise.

No deadline, yet. Might leave this one open-ended for the time being.

Good luck. Motherfuckers.