1. What Lies Underneath The Obvious
2. Too Brief, This Beautiful Disaster
3. Who Expected This?
4. That Which Seems Appropriate
5. A Headache That Doesn’t Seem To End
6. My Clanking, Screaming, Swelling Brain
7. Unspoken Reservations
8. Where We Meet In The End
9. All The Things Left Unsaid
10. If I Could Turn Back Time
An excursion into the emotional whirlpool of uncertainty. Deeper and darker than previous Controlled Dissonance releases, Uncertainty embraces a largely organic dark ambient sound, employing subtle textures and drones, as well as electroacoustic elements such as clanging metal and field recordings. A visceral and cathartic exploration of sound that complements one man’s winter.

Release date: March 1, 2009

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