The Odyssey Suite

01. Movement One – Destination
 – Ms. Rukavina
 – The Kitchen
 – The Carport
 – Barracuda’s
02. Movement Two – The Voyage Home
 – PSC
 – SEA
 – ORD
 – RIC
A vacation side project-turned-concept-release, The Odyssey Suite encapsulates a weeklong cross-country adventure. The suite is presented in two movements. The first movement represents the destination of the trip and is retold through four pieces consisting of manipulated field recordings of the region, accompanied by sparse orchestration and laptop studio-generated sound. The second movement details the return trip and tells of its adventures through a series of field recordings taken from the multitude of airports used for such. These field recordings were then spliced together and over which was improvised some of the noisey dark ambient for which Controlled Dissonance is known.

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