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  1. WOW!!
    I ran into “Controlled Dissonance” randomly while downloading some IRs…. I’m digging it! It turns out that I had used some of Dark Places in some previous comps. I don’t remember which ones on which comps, so I’d like to say thanks…. “thanks!’

    The Bandcamp site is where I’ve archived some 30+ years of bands, noise, etc…. You’re welcome to peruse, or use, if you like—and, you might like something out of the pile, or you might recognize something from a Dark Place…..

    Right now I’m working on a series of comps based on the Bardö Thodol, the Tibetan Book of the Dead, with each posting drawn from a Bardö, or “realm of existence”—I hope they’re not as pretentious as that just sounded. 😉 😉 So far I’ve completed the first two and posted them on Bandcamp, and I’m currently working on the third of six.

    Thanks Man.
    @ltazor [davep]

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