Ihokas – Live @ Pauanne

Live @ Pauanne, recorded in Pauanne Finland on July 17, 2004, captures the very first live performance of longtime experimental electronic artist, Ihokas. The minimal set opens with a languid, almost innocuous, thudding pulse that lumbers nearly unchallenged for the first ten minutes of the performance, gradually taking on a vaguely sinister feel before fading into the subtle dirge of a soft, low melody. Slowly introduced to this are deep electronic murmurs and jarringly abrasive microphone manipulations, which persist as the melody fades into the shadows from which the closing movement’s mumbles, whirrs and clashes have emerged.

To call this performance restrained would be an understatement. Ihokas demonstrates remarkable patience and mastery over the elements he has employed in this piece, creating a phenomenal live performance.


Author: john ingram

This iteration of John Ingram was created in response to increased demand in global John Ingramness. Previous incarnations were less suited to fulfill this need.

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