Circuit Bending
The circuit bending pages contain bending guides and “schematics”.

Current and past Intelligent Machinery hosted compilation projects can be found on the compilations page.

A brief (and possibly to be expanded at some point in the future) introduction to various forms of databending.

Over the years sheer boredom and occasional inspiration has resulted in a handful of DIY instruments. The instrument pages detail some of the more lucrative endeavors.

Noise Free-For-All
A defunct Intelligent Machinery project. Once upon a time, monthly noise internet collaborations were hosted via NINJAM. This page collects the recordings of these Noise Free-For-All events, for the sake of listening pleasure and posterity.

Platitudes of a Deconstructionist
A rather self-serving project, Platitudes of a Deconstructionist is a series of SoundBorb releases that can be used to create soundscapes for.. whatever you need a soundscape for.

Unnatural Spaces
Unnatural Spaces is a collection of free impulse responses that can be loaded in any convolution reverb plug-in that supports WAV files.

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