Noise Free-For-All

This project is now defunct and preserved here only for the sake of posterity.


An Intelligent Machinery hosted Monthly Internet Collaboration Noise Free-For-All concert event. This event is open to the public for all interested noise, dark ambient, electroacoustic and abstract sound dabblers who want to participate in a live improvised collaboration of sound.


To provide a forum of experimentation that allows musicians the world over the opportunity to collaborate in a live event with other artists without the hindrances of traditional live performance. To make giant walls of noise with the aid of other anti-music miscreants from the comfort of your own house. To hone your improvisational chops and learn to explore new methods of creating sound. Put simply – to rock out without having to put on pants and pack up your gear. Have a drink, fire up the rig and have fun.


Historically these events have been preceded and followed by an informal chat in the #musika room on efnet. This is not required and anyone is allowed to participate in the concert regardless of their appearance in the chat room. We just use the chat as a convenient meeting place before the action takes place. It’s the “Green Room”, if you will. For those of you who aren’t fluent in IRC, or those who don’t have IRC clients, the Chat link located in the blue box to the left will take you to a chat applet that connects to the #musika room for your chatting pleasure. Be sure to read the directions on the page.


Months ago, when we first attempted this, my dear friend Wayne of FERALCATSCAN introduced me to a fantastic tool known as NINJAM. NINJAM is designed specifically to allow musicians to “jam” over the internet. It works by connecting to a central server and sending a stream of your audio to the server where it’s then rebroadcast to everyone else connected to that server. You, in turn, hear the streams of everyone else connected to the server.

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3 thoughts on “Noise Free-For-All”

  1. Great to see these links available again (I don’t know how long they’ve been back up, but I could have sworn they were unavailable previously).


  2. Can there recordings be used in any media like PC Games for instance ? Will it require attribution like CC 3.0?

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