Sound Design Tools

Various free Sound Design Tools, including Impulse Response libraries and WAV samples.

A Deep, Dark Place

50 ACIDized dark ambient pad samples.

Aural Piercing

Glitch, IDM, Noise and Dark Ambient samples and loops.

Drone Structures

Drone Structures is a 2-disc sample set featuring virtually everything necessary to begin building your own drone structure.

The Threshold

A collection of artificial impulse responses designed for the sole purpose of obliterating sound.

Unnatural Spaces

Library of impulse responses captured from small objects.

Field Recordings

Collection of field recordings and found sounds.

One thought on “Sound Design Tools”

  1. Thank your a LOT for these packages of unbelivable sounds.
    I think that your IR’s might be useFULL for me 🙂

    Regards from France

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