Drone Structures

Drone Structures is a 2-disc sample set featuring virtually everything necessary to begin constructing your own drone-based sounds. Synth pads, leads and effects in 16-bit stereo WAV format provide a wealth of sounds for building ambient soundscapes and sound textures. Complementing this selection of synth sounds is a small collection of impulse responses, ranging from hardware reverbs to wind effects and extremely strange synthetic sounds. For the background of your sonic meanderings, Drone Structures comes with a second disc packed full of long synth pads for background droning and textures.

Disc 1
• 150 Synth Pads
• 75 Synth Leads
• 50 Synth Effects
• 64 Hardware Reverb Convolution IRs
• 15 Strange Synthetic Convolution IRs
• 6 Wind Effect Convolution IRs

Download .ZIP file

Disc 2
• 60 Synth Textures – long drones and pads for background noises and textures

Download .ZIP file

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