Controlled Dissonance

That je ne sais quoi of sound that is so often ill-described as “atmosphere” had always intrigued him. The manner in which textures of sound overlapped, faded into and out of one another and reflected off of the surfaces of the surrounding world, like a lone shoe tossed about in an otherwise empty dryer. It was this sense of space and how it could be explored that first attracted him. It was the freedom of expression, unfettered by the constraints of traditional composition, that held him fast in the world of abstract noise. The visceral freedom to place his hands on virtually anything from which sound could be culled, and revel in the instant gratification of turning that object, regardless of its original intent, into an instrument of sound.

That is Controlled Dissonance.

Catalog of Noise – All currently available Controlled Dissonance releases, organized chronologically.
Compact Discs – Controlled Dissonance CDs available for purchase.
Videos – Controlled Dissonance noise videos and live performance clips.

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