These are bending schematics from the defunct website. Unlike typical schematics, these images are merely visual guides to points of interest I have discovered on various circuit boards.

The points are color-coded, where all circles of a one color are representative of bent effects that are activated by connecting that point with the point of the same color marked with an X. This is what I call the Point Of Origin – or POO – for that color group.

Occasionally some bends are marked with a weird zigzag line. This is to indicate bends where I found that the application of a variable resistor (potentiometer or rheostat) improved the effect. Schematics

Arion Overdrive pedal
Ibanez SoundTank Autowah pedal
Behringer Tremolo pedal
Ibanez Chorus pedal
Arion Overdrive pedal
Arion Stereo Phaser pedal
Arion Stereo Phaser pedal – Special Edition
Arion Analog Delay pedal
Arion Digital Delay pedal
Yamaha PS 400 keyboard
Yamaha PS 400 keyboard
Yamaha PSS 140
Yamaha PSS 140
Radio Shack Realistic Reverb

One thought on “ Schematics”

  1. Hi,
    I had heard of circuit bending before, but only recently dared to try modding something myself. There are some simple mods explained on YouTube, but often benders keep their findings secret as if it’s a pirate treasure…
    And that last part I don’t quite understand. What are people afraid of? That someone else will do the same? And so what?
    That’s why I find this site, and especially this page with ‘instructions’, so incredibly cool. I think that eventually, one naturally becomes more adventurous in finding/exploring own bends, one’s own treasures. But first, you have to build some confidence. These guides really help with that.
    So I hope you keep sharing.
    Happy bending!

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