Circuit Bending

Circuit bending is the act of creatively applying short circuits to electronic devices in order to alter their functionality. These pages offer tips and tutorials for the adventurous probers of circuitry.

Building Your Own Mutant Phaser

A step-by-step guide to building one of the most popular circuit bent effects pedals I sold, back when I did such things.

Circuit Bending Guitar Pedals

Tutorial for my particular method of circuit bending guitar effects pedals.

Tablebeast’s Casio SK-1 Tutorial

Circuit bending the Casio Sk-1, Tablebeast style. Years ago, Tablebeast offered a SK-1 bending guide on his website. This is the complete tutorial. Schematics

Circuit bending schematics for guitar effects pedals, from the defunct website.

Musini Bending Guide

Exploring the Neurosmith Musini for various bent effects.

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