New noise

Last night I took a few minutes to render and master some of Gabriel’s noise tracks. I had a little trouble with the player, but just got that sussed out, so they’re available for your listening pleasure on his audio page.

These tracks are a little more minimal than previous work. He’s moved out of the Beating Things phase and these days focuses his work on mouth noises and audio manipulation. He’s also discovered my MIDI keyboard and is obsessed with that, as well. What impresses me most, though, is when he mutes the soundcard, dumps a bunch of audio tracks in Live and spends an hour tweaking effects and moving the tracks around, while refusing to monitor his work. Then, when he’s done, he just saves it and moves on, still adamantly refusing to hear what he’s done. I haven’t decided if it’s because he’s more interested in playing with the software than he is with what he’s making, or if he’s some sort of artistic genius and this is part of his eccentricity. I guess time will tell…

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