Platitudes of a Deconstructionist

Platitudes of a Deconstructionist is an ongoing quest to explore new and increasingly less accessible methods of releasing Controlled Dissonance material: a limited series of releases based in multiple formats not conducive to passive experience. This series is designed to push the limits of consumer interest and patience by introducing formats that allow… nay, demand listener interaction.

Vol. 1

This release is deconstructed from a live performance utilizing the ATG Mini. Individual elements of the performance were culled and edited to provide the series of sounds used in the creation of this Borb. As the listener you have the ability to control certain aspects of the playback of these sounds to create your own, unique version of this performance. The sounds themselves are all derived from the ATG Mini and include semi-tonal plucked strings, looped bowed string drones, percussive slapped string rhythms and various string noises.
(Requires SoundBorb)

Download .zip

Vol. 2

The second release features loops and samples culled from a performance with a piece of sheet metal. The sounds featured in this Borb were created exclusively (with the exception of a spoken word sample taken from the public domain) by beating, plucking, warping, smacking and bowing a piece of aluminium sheet metal. Also available in SoundBorb format to allow the listener the ability to control certain aspects of the playback of these sounds, in order to create your own version of this performance.
(Requires SoundBorb)

Download .zip

Vol. 2.1

Finally, an alternate version of Volume 2, scaled down and presented in a browser-based format that allows you to mix select sound samples from Volume 2 without the need for external software.

For your dissonance controlling pleasure.

Vol. 3

This third installment of the series features a little of everything from the Controlled Dissonance ensemble. Hacked out of a recent live performance on NTNS Radio, these samples and loops cover manipulated vinyl, reel-to-reel and cassette, as well as electroacoustic instruments, such at the ATG Mini, Spring Thing and Platter Tower and the ever-stunning compressed-air-over-styrofoam-cup. Volume 3 is available in the mighty SoundBorb format, which (of course) grants you control over some aspects of the playback. This allows you to Control the Dissonance, without having to deal with the rest of my misery.
(Requires SoundBorb)

Download .zip

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