A public exhibition of one man’s last two brain cells rubbing together to stay warm.

I’m John and I run the joint. I first registered this domain back in 2001, and since then the site has gone through many iterations, changing intent almost as often as design. Having hosted a netlabel as well as a compendium of resources for experimental sound artists, the site has accumulated a significant amount of content over the years. This current version is something of a warehouse of the best and most relevant of those resources.

Controlled Dissonance
The site serves as an official entity for my personal, and now defunct, noise/ambient project, Controlled Dissonance. Started in 2004, as an extension of less traditional musical explorations dating back to my high school days in the mid-90s, Controlled Dissonance is an ongoing experiment in sound creation. You can browse the embarrassingly large back catalog or watch some videos.

Gabriel’s Unnamed Noise Project
These pages also host the noise adventures of my youngest son, Gabriel. After years of sitting in my lap and watching me record, he finally took the helm himself and started recording and remixing his own noise. Streaming audio is available.

Nests of Disorder
The site has also become the home of Nests of Disorder my, also defunct, horror drone/black ambient collaboration project with Joseph Pyne of Pyne.

In addition to this, there are a number of compilation projects that are released through Just Not Normal this “official” Archive.org collection.

The Projects section is where you will find all those resources that are vestiges of Intelligent Machinery of yore. You can find current and past compilation projects, circuit bending resources, information on databending, sound design tools and more. If you followed a link from a search engine here, what you’re looking for is likely somewhere in the Projects section.

So, look around. If you followed a link here and can’t find what you were looking for, use the Search box. If you still can’t find what you’re looking for, use the Contact form to send me an email. I might be able to help. Otherwise, enjoy the site and feel free to post some comments.

You see?

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6 thoughts on “About

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  2. Thanks for the listen and the interest, Pete! No plans for any live performances in the near future. For the most part, these projects have been retired so that I can focus more time on naps and perfecting the art of couch potatoism.


  3. Fair play.

    Just wanted to say thx for all of the interesting stuff you posted on here.
    Really appreciated.


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