Unnatural Spaces

Unnatural Spaces is a free library of impulse responses captured from small objects. The spaces themselves are man-made and are generally of objects that you normally would not, or could not, stick your head inside while listening to music. These impulse responses are designed to impart unique reverb characteristics to your audio.

13 thoughts on “Unnatural Spaces”

  1. How did you capture impulses for such small objects? With a swept sine wave and a very small speaker and mic?

  2. Great! Do they work with Altiverb? I’ll try that, if it works, I may be using it for a stop motion pilot, I’ll give you a shoot out if that’s the case. But thank you for sharing anyway!

  3. wow i couldn’t even imagine those kind of reverbs can exist! thank you for the great work.

  4. Very neat to come across this collection of impulse recordings! I was just trying to get more inspired for a bending session, and here I find some freebies as well. Looking forward to these in my moments of DAW work! Thank you!

  5. Thank you for all work that you have done! That`s almost absolute freedom in sound design by using creative impulses!

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