Controlled Dissonance vs. Hyperdriver – You’re Gonna Need A Bigger Boat

1. Fluffy Bunny Slippers : Whatever Happened To Fiver Mix
2. De-Da-Do Evil : De-Do-Da-Da Mix
3. Scumbag Rattler : Magical Password Mix
4. Anti Cannibal : Pro Cannibal Mix
5. Just When You Thought It Was Safe… : Here Comes Another Remix Mix
6. Scumbag Rattler : Sideways In A Rusty Old Ford Mix
7. Relaxation Tape : Side 2 Mix
8. Eat A Vegetarian : No Fucking Soy Mix
9. Aggressive Rabbits : Are Short Lived Pets Mix
10. You Can Run But You Can’t Hide : In A Dank Hole Mix
In our lives we have the distinct pleasure of meeting many fascinating characters. One such man is the innocuous Hyperdriver – remixer extraordinaire. Over the years this man has put in more than his fair share of time and effort contributing to a multitude of remix projects, much to my delight. So when it came to my attention that he had an entire album sliced and diced and packed and ready to remix, how could I resist? This project was mounted without having heard any of the original material, and completed in the same fashion.
The original release Just When You Thought It Was Safe…

Download .zip
Contains album in VBR .mp3 format

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