For A Few Dollars More

1. Dosadi
2. Dedicated Follower of Fashion
3. Spot Test
4. Easy Grip Trigger
5. Night of the Laughing Girl Clown
6. All Purpose Experiment
7. STS-11
8. Children and Pets
9. Mine Sickle Runneth Over
10. FluorescentHeart Attack
For A Few Dollars More provides demarcation in style and composition for Controlled Dissonance. A departure release created to explore different compositional techniques that produced a series of pieces stylistically unlike its predecessors. Ranging from the harshly abstract to the suspiciously consonant, For A Few Dollars More reflects a changing depth for the Controlled Dissonance project, while still maintaining that trademark refined palate and penchant for exquisite detail for which the project is renown.

Available at iTunes, AmazonMP3 and other online retailers.

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