herodotus – Weeping Metal Heart
Blu Screen Of Death – Drag The Bells
Robojam – Bedlam Toy Box
Somnaphon – Copal
Department Seven – 2028
Anton Mobin – Roses for Sri Lang-K
CircumLiver – Macchina ad avviamento automatico
Simon Whetham – Rusting Metal Hulks
Dave Luxton – Metallic Panic Attack
Chaos Research – The Oversoul
SeRVE and SoliS – Calcite Lens
Skin Contact – In the Thick Of It
The Silence Bureau – Your Home Cooking Contains Too Much Analysis
Controlled Dissonance – New Space; Same Disgrace
Simon Whetham – Art Container Cables
Klang! is a compilation of noise, abstract, minimal and dark ambient tracks created of sounds culled from metal objects. Those densest of elements, manufactured into so many assorted apparatuses of modern convenience, are beaten, plucked, bowed, abused, misused and processed for your listening pleasure in this diverse collection of offerings from a wide range of sonic reprobates.

Available on Archive.org

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