Of Places and Moments

Jack Solium – Celimancie
Mystahr – Baltic Blues
PHOBoS – Down the Tubes of Pennybell
jfox – PROGEX
Plastic Love Tool – Plebs Truculenta
The Raytownian(s) – Take Me Back To Tuscaloosa
c. reider – Core Exit
Pyne – The Hand of Glory
Cagey House – Scissor Bird
robojam – Tekno Punks in Ze House
Gurdonark – Hear and Know
SIGHUP – rain, traffic
Shane Morris – Contemplating the Subjective Nature of Reality
jfox – gute
Controlled Dissonance – St. Clair Station
Pavonine – Oscilloclast
Subscape Annex – Paso
ghost animal funeral songs – cicada filters
Of Places and Moments is a celebration of the art of field recordings. The tracks to be included utilized recordings from the Sounds Found Project, a repository of user-contributed field recordings. The source recordings were mangled, manipulated, abused and violated, in some cases beyond recognition, to create 18 distinctly different interpretations ranging from minimal drone, to noise, to electronica.

Available on Archive.org

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