Parasme – Piece
Nakjaarna – Dome
Court of Hidden Faces – Hazard Motion Market
Verian Thomas – Restless
escalation 746 – The Furies of the City
jfox – 070331
Gurdonark – Soul Gourd
SIGHUP – Firearm
The Silence Bureau – Through These Broken Pieces
Controlled Dissonance – A Bittersweet Embrace
Cauchy-Riemann – Six Twenty Eight
piece (pes)
1) A portion or part that has been separated from a whole
2) An artistic, musical, or literary work or composition

Pieces is a project designed to stretch the borders of incidental sound composition. A compilation comprised of eleven tracks created using four-second chunks of a live performance featuring Khate, FERALCATSCAN and Controlled Dissonance. The results are as varied as the artists who contributed them, with the source material twisted and manipulated into dark ambient, noise, abstract, electronica and ambient.

Available on Archive.org

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