Pieces Vol. 2

Codeine Afterparty – Socialite Murder Mystery
Kubton – Deadline
Controlled Dissonance – Pieces To Drown
Khate – Specie 1
Dust – 0c1d3e0417aac6ff
The Silence Bureau – SB-P2
Mehyta – Steampunk Chapel
Jack Solium – Monolith Enn
Pat Chilla The Beat Gorilla – Life After 2012
Khate – Specie 2
SIGHUP – On Thursday
Gurdonark – The Cheerful Suppression of Science (featuring Larree)
The Raytownian(s) – untitled
piece (pes)
1) A portion or part that has been separated from a whole
2) An artistic, musical, or literary work or composition

Pieces Vol. 2 is the second effort in a project designed to stretch the borders of incidental sound composition. The project invites participants to create new tracks using the provided set of four-second sound samples culled from various live performances.

Available on Archive.org

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