Upload The Brain Universe

Track Listing
jfox – DNA=channel zero=passing gravity=embryo
Sinuata – In The Fingertip of a Brain Cell
SIGHUP – in Seminary Boy Sonata
The Silence Bureau – The Boy Machine
djet – astralpax
annihilist – Inhabitant
djet – blackwind
Controlled Dissonance – Artificial Boy
Worms of the Earth – Hybrid Corpse Mechanism
Krask – No Tomorrow
Mystahr w/ Controlled Dissonance – Neogenes
Upload The Brain Universe is a collection of spoken word recordings culled from the literature of Japanese cyberpunk author Kenji Siratori and offered to experimental artists as a contribution towards a collaboration. Featuring a broad range of avant garde sound experimentalists Upload The Brain Universe melts jarringly through a gammut of nontraditional music and non-music styles, each track hauntingly accentuated by the distinct contributions of Kenji himself.

Available on Archive.org

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