dust – voxfox
f”loom – M”ood Music
mr. stonecipher – Customer ID
Mystahr – Monday
nakjaarna – Dissonant Cavern 02
NEKRO.MACHINE – It Don”t Work That Way
The Silence Bureau – Das Wasup
Controlled Dissonance – Another Broken Taboo
DoHol – Palin
[PERSPEX] – seavoices
somnaphon – You Threw Our Clothes Onto The Interstate
Steve vs. dust – voxsteve
kraskland – A Word From Our Sponsors
The Raytownian(s) – The Art of Manipulation
Gigawatt – esta voz é errada
NEKRO.MACHINE – I Have Killed Before
Hourglass Drops – Vocal Swine
Hemadrone/Sickle – Picnic at Dunwich
Vox is a free compilation project centered around the theme of creating new soundscapes from vocal elements. The tracks contained herein are comprised of nothing more than manipulated (or clean) voice recordings. The source material used was spoken word, dialog, field recordings of conversations, singing, chanting, humming, clicking, burping and any other sound created by the human speech system.

Download .zip
contains album in VBR mp3 format

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