Worst-Case Scenarios

Daniel Kemp – Experiment 1
Plastic Love Tool – Transitory Vagina
Ethernaut – HeXX
skin contact – techshvyerror
Somnaphon – i swallowed my astral corpse
Daniel Kemp – Corridor to Limbo
December Nightskies – I’m Alone In The Mountains and Realizing Life and Death Is Based on Every Decision I Make
The Cheshire Dragon – Solitary Slag
Xy Glitch – Cemetery Grounds
Controlled Dissonance – Save A Red; Eat A Grey
Beatslaughter – Message From Io
Daniel Kemp – Floating to Death
Ethernaut – RePenT
It’s the bad craftsman/woman who blames his/her tools; but, thanks to the efforts of John Lithium, we have just the tool for the job.

The Lithium Toolbox is a series of soundscape tools – sound concepts – that have been offered up for free to the world at large, for subversion and subduction. A collection of “nightmares, dreams, hallucinations and worst-case scenarios” to use in your own sonic adventures.

Worst-Case Scenarios is a collection of noise, dark ambient and experimental soundscapes created using the Lithium Toolbox. Each track contains at least one of the samples provided in the Toolbox; which has been manipulated to create the sounds you hear. The artists contributing were given but a single objective: Use and abuse. Subvert and conquer. Submit and acquiesce. Return to the master that which he desires. Give him your Worst-Case Scenario.

Download from Archive.org

Click Here to download the Lithium Toolbox.

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