Worst-Case Redux

Due to some strange encoding issues, two of the tracks in the Worst-Case Scenarios release turned out to be white noise. I have corrected these tracks and uploaded new versions, which are now available for your listening pleasure. If you’ve already downloaded, or listened to the album, I implore you to go back and check out the Daniel Kemp tracks again.

Thanks to Nate for the keen ear and attention to detail!


Project update: Shoot

For reasons I cannot recall now, I had originally planned the submission deadline for Worst-Case Scenarios for March 15th, instead of my customary end-of-month deadline. So, I’m extending the deadline to March 31, to accommodate my expectations. Take advantage of the extension, if you will.



Accepting Submissions – Worst-Case Scenarios

It’s the bad craftsman/woman who blames his/her tools; but, thanks to John Lithium, we haven’t even that excuse anymore.

The Lithium Toolbox is a series of soundscape tools – sound concepts – that have been offered up for free to the world at large, for subversion and subduction. A collection of “nightmares, dreams, hallucinations and worst-case scenarios” to use in your own sonic adventures.

Tracks submitted for this compilation must include at least one sound file from the Lithium Toolbox: twisted, mangled, abused and/or misused in any way you see fit.

Use and abuse. Subvert and conquer. Submit and acquiesce. Return to the master that which he desires. Give him your Worst-Case Scenario.

Click Here to download the Lithium Toolbox.

For submission details (if you don’t already know them), use the Contact link over there —->

Deadline for submissions is March 15 March 31.