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I’ve had to make an unplanned move to a new host provider.  Part of the fun in that is recovering all the files that were hosted with my previous provider and restoring them to the proper place with the new provider.  As such, it may be several days before some images start showing up again.  And there may be some links to hosted files that stop working.


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Of Everything That Stands; The End

Finished this last year, but just now getting around to putting it on the internet.

Denouement. Swan song. This project is finished. Ten years in the making, this is the final gasp of an idea that has run its course. Revel in the culmination of a decade’s worth of experimentation, as it comes to fruition in this stuttering, semi-aborted lunge at the essence of all that is, was and ever will be Controlled Dissonance.

Free download: https://archive.org/details/img016


(Noise Made With) Air – Accepting Submissions

Air – one of the pillars of our natural world; a complex gaseous phenomenon that reshapes the land and wreaks natural havoc. A powerful force that makes possible all life on this planet.

(Noise Made With) Air pays its respects to the natural world by inviting your submissions of tracks created by use of air, in some manner. Anything from samples of wind to the use of compressed air to create sound: leaf blowers, hurricanes, fans or even the body’s unique methods for ridding waste gaseous byproduct.

For more information, use the Contact page.

Request for submissions – Walking Without Rhythm

Singing sand (also known as booming sand, barking sand or whistling sand) is the term ascribed the phenomenon of sound produced by moving sand. During an avalanche, or when blown by wind, sand of a certain composition, size and humidity can produce eerie, low-pitched sounds that can be heard for miles.

Walking Without Rhythm is a compilation designed to employ the natural sound of moving sand in the arts of noise, dark ambient and audio experimentation. Each track submitted should contain some element of a sound recording of the singing sand phenomenon; either using the audio provided, or audio from another source. Audio can be manipulated in whatever manner the artist sees fit, provided that it is somewhere in the final mix.

The following recordings were culled from an article by the Morphodynamics Lab of Laboratoire de Physique et Mécanique des Milieux Hétérogènes.

WAV format
AIFF format
MP3 format


The compilation will be released under a Creative Commons license in VBR MP3 format. Please use the Contact link in the right-hand navigation bar for details on track submission.

Submission deadline is May 31st June 15th. Happy noising!