I’m sad. More accurately, I’m SAD. The last few days of sunshine have been sufficient to coax from hiding the anxious buds of leaves and blooms speckling tree branches across the city, thus ushering in my least favorite of seasons: Spring. With heavy heart and much sorrow I feel the blessed glory of brisk winter air slowly give way to the sweltering warmth, and I affix this brittle affectation, this stiff upper lip, as I steel myself against the coming gloom of four months of blinding, oppressive sun and heat. The soul-enriching gray is soon replaced by an endless, horrifying sea of too much green and too much blue. If it is I you seek, you will find me hunkered in the shade, longing for Autumn.

New Controlled Dissonance album is complete. I finished the prototype last night, verifying proof of concept, and delivered it to its promised recipient. I’ll upload some pictures of the product later. I’m still toying with the idea of a remix single to release electronically alongside the physical CD, so if any of you are interested in remixing a track, “hit me up” – to quote the vernacular.

I’m currently passing idle time at work by running through the first season of Farscape. I remember when it debuted on SciFi Channel, but soon thereafter I entered into a period of about two and a half years without television, so I never got the opportunity to follow the show during its run. It’s not a bad show. I like Ben Browder, and although Claudia Black can be annoying, she’s low key enough in this role to be acceptable. There’s no apparent story arch yet (besides the conflict which defines the series), so it has become very serial. This makes it easy to liken the series to Stargate SG1, and the comparisons seem pretty accurate. Both are relatively light and focus on a small core of individuals. It’s become a good way to pass time.

I’m also catching up on the latest season of Chuck. I’m on the fence. I hope they bring Timothy Dalton back, but I can’t abide by the terrifyingly blatant product placement in the last few episodes. I hope that the writers don’t feel like they’re being clever or witty, because it is not. Not at all.

Smells like burning in my office. Time to bail.

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