Fire And Ice

Last night marked my first live performance in over two years. I had a hard time finding my groove, and my rig felt as if it lacked for something I couldn’t quite define. There was some element missing from my setup which would have made it natural and fun, but instead it was awkward and tedious. As such, I didn’t feel like the set exorcised whatever I need be rid of, and that was kinda disappointing. I did have fun hanging out, through. And the people watching was great. The highlight of the night may have been when someone pulled the fire alarm, as I was breaking down my gear. As if to say “Fuck you, here’s the loudest noise of the night.”

I neglected to get photos (though others did and threatened to have them appear all over the internet), but I did capture some audio. The most valuable lesson I learned from the night is that next time I’m putting the mic closer to the PA speaker, and further from where people are sitting. Fortunately most of the conversations flow in and out of the noise, making it part of the performance, but…

Controlled Dissonance – Live at Fire and Ice Artwalk 1/14/12 by intelligentmachinery

Controlled Dissonance vs. Merdique – Live at Fire and Ice Artwalk 1/14/12 by intelligentmachinery

Caveat emptor, motherfuckers!