Holy shit, folks. I’m tallying up the submissions for the Doomsday compilation, and we have a total of 19 contributing artists, for a total of one hour and 45 minutes of noise; making this one of the most successful projects to date. So, to all you who chipped in: thanks! Look for the compilation to be released within the next two weeks.

And, for those of you itching to participate in the next project, I can give you a hint. I’m a few days away from making the official announcement (stuck for a name and cover art, at the moment), but you can head over here and download that thing. If you don’t know what to do next, await further instructions. But, I think you’ll figure it out…

Caveat emptor, motherfuckers.

Author: john ingram

This iteration of John Ingram was created in response to increased demand in global John Ingramness. Previous incarnations were less suited to fulfill this need.

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