Four Day Warning

Four Day Warning!

Deadline for submissions for Of Places and Moments is this Saturday, August 14th. The tracklist continues to grow with today’s submission from the mighty madman, Mystahr. Definitely going to be an awesome collection of sound, once it is all compiled and organized.

I have a handful of albums I want to review this week, so don’t let me forget to take care of that. Work has gotten manic here of late, with my current project all but wrapped up and days that are spent vacillating between the frenetic rush of tackling clean-up projects and the soporific downtime between such projects. I should still find time to get in a few reviews, though. I also might work in a few mini-reviews of tracks that I’m finding on SoundCloud.

A couple of pictures to share:

My newest favorite “Destroy/Destroyed Life” sticker graffiti comes from the light post across the street from my apartment.

The kids had their first encounter with a Theremin this weekend.

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