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Hot off the presses:

New release from Bicephalic Records:

BC006 – Chefkirk / Somnaphon : Tender Pink Movements

Two great tastes that taste great together: A cassette split featuring Roger Smith (Chefkirk, _whALe_pLAtE_, Insects with Tits, Control Valve netlabel) and August Traeger (Somnaphon, Nipple Stools, Food World, Bicephalic Records). For this release, Chefkirk creates a sparse minimal glitch cut-up piece of sound and Somnaphon manipulates midi data to create a smeared electro-atmosphere. Great for a nice walk in the park or for a bad walk in the street… whatever you’re into.

Chefkirk is Roger H Smith is no-input mixing board is location recordings is microcassette is sampler is cpu is
Recorded 2010-2011 @ HOME

Somnaphon is August Traeger + hardware & software manipulation.

Upcoming releases:
The next two releases will be split c20 tapes focusing on North Carolina noise artists & abstractionists:
bc007 – Food World / Clang Quartet
bc008 – Yohimbe / Caucasians

And just between you and I: I am super stoked for a Clang Quartet split.

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2 thoughts on “News from Bicephalic Records”

  1. My pleasure! Always available to spread good news.

    I’m not lying about being stoked for a Clang Quartet split, either. It might even prompt me to procure a tape deck. I saw Scotty perform at a noise fest a few years ago, and although we have diametrically opposed ideologies, his performances are amazing – truly inspired.

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