Call for videos!

Bicephalic Records is putting out an open call for video submissions for a DVD noise/music video compilation. I am interested in modern digital & abstract video art, databending, etc. Audio genre is open, though I’m primarily interested in glitch electronics, electro-acoustic experiments, drone, harsh noise, etc. I will choose the videos I think are the best to be on the DVD so send your best material. If there are enough submissions I may end up expanding this into two volumes.
Here are some examples of my own work:



Submit video file (AVI or Mpeg2) via online download service, ftp, etc. to A[at]Bicephalic[dot]net or email me if you want to mail in a hard copy.

video styles = digital video art, abstract, databending etc.

audio = glitch, drone, noise, etc.

length: 5 minutes maximum

Deadline : 31 March 2012

spread the word!


I have to see if I can find any high quality versions of my old Controlled Dissonance videos…

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