“I gchat hilarious.”

In an effort to communicate more with my youngest two kids, I set up a gmail account so that they could send me pictures of themselves, and I could send them pictures. As it turns out, the five year old is some kind of chat savant. Here’s a segment of a transcript that his mother sent me last night as proof:

me: hi boys
Sean: i hate this chat
me: well that is too bad
you are very good at it
Sean: i know
me: you are also very funny
Sean: this is cool
me: it is, isnt it?
Sean: wow

In response to all the praise and horror expressed by those who have witnessed this ability, he dropped the above quote on me as the opening statement in our nightly phone call tonight.

New digs

Alright.  It’s the obligatory “I just installed a new blog software, now let’s kick it off with the first post” post.  Congratulations!

I did want to start a new serial feature called “Stuff My Kids Said”  This inaugural post includes the following gems:

“The torso has my arms.  I have two arms.”
This one may not seem so odd, until you start to wonder why a five-year old refers to his own body as “the torso”.  I’m just glad he got the anatomy correct.  Granted, it would have been far more disturbing if he had said “The cephalothorax has my arms.”  That would have been cause for serious concern.

“Your penis is entirely covered (with hair)”
Look.  When you’re driving two preschoolers long distance, sometimes you have to make a pit stop at the rest area.  It’s easier to get us all in a single stall to void our bladders in turn, than to queue up at a urinal.  I think the important thing for me to take from this is that even my five year old thinks I should trim.  It’s a fucking conspiracy.  I swear.

Anyway.  Expect me to be sprucing up a bit over the next few days while I hash out some of the details and finish getting content ported over to the new system.

Until then, etc. etc.