Walking Without Rhythm

Plastic Love Tool – The Problem With Frog Face
Death Mother – Desiccation Seance
Controlled Dissonance – One Hundred Nondescript Williams
Somnaphon – I Am An Animal, Ten Miles Long, Crawling Across My Tongue
Zondagmorgan – La Petite Vérole
Singing sand (also known as booming sand, barking sand or whistling sand) is the term ascribed the phenomenon of sound produced by moving sand. During an avalanche, or when blown by wind, sand of a certain composition, size and humidity can produce eerie, low-pitched sounds that can be heard for miles.

Walking Without Rhythm is a concept compilation designed to employ the natural sound of moving sand in the arts of noise, dark ambient and audio experimentation. Each track submitted contains some element of a sound recording of the singing sand phenomenon; manipulated in whatever manner, and by whatever whim and fancy the artist saw fit to impose.

Available on Archive.org

Walking Without Rhythm was made possible using recordings culled from an article by the Morphodynamics Lab of Laboratoire de Physique et Mécanique des Milieux Hétérogènes.


3 thoughts on “Walking Without Rhythm”

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  2. This turned out really good, I actually think having fewer entries kept it tight and cohesive.

    My focus is elsewhere for the foreseeable, which is why I generally don’t submit any more, but I’m glad you keep up with these.

  3. Thanks for the listen, Steve. I agree that this was definitely a tighter and more cohesive release. Turned out better than I would have thought, with so few entries.

    Hope the elsewhere focus is serving you well. I’ll keep hosting these projects until I’m the last one left submitting tracks…


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