Attn: Seattle – Lock up your daughters.

I have tentative plans to foist upon the city at large the first live Controlled Dissonance performance in two years. This will take place (hopefully) at an art walk even in mid-January. The invitation is perfectly timed to coincide with a burning itch* that has been growing for an excuse to put together a minimal live rig. I broke out some dusty gear tonight; sorted through a plethora of tangled cables; and pieced together the beginning of said rig – using just three small sound-makers and the nefarious and infamous Spring Thing.

The walls are a little thin in my apartment, and I haven’t yet gotten comfortable enough with the new roommate to go full-on noise loud, but I’m giving the rig a shakedown and so far I’m finding it a comfortable groove into which I am settling back.

Stay tuned for more information, as it becomes available.

It isn’t chlamydia. I screened negative.

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