I forgot these two gems foisted on me as I bid the darlings farewell yesterday:

“Good luck. With the driving.”

“Give me some sugar.”

Gabriel even made his mother email me while I was on the road, to wish me good luck one more time.

Curious pictures

So, the kids are developing their own cartoon idea that they want to pitch to Cartoon Network and Nick Toons. It’s about two brothers who are super heroes who fight robots that steal colors. They also encounter ninja robots and squid monsters that want to steal their penises and butts (Gabriel’s words, not mine), which the squid monsters want to wear.

Gabriel’s catchphrase is “Watch out, this could get messy.”, and Sean’s is “Check it.” Presumably the catchphrases would be uttered in that order:
“Watch out, this could get messy.”
“Check it.”

I’m waiting for the pilot episode….